In short, the simple answer is yes. In the past decade it has become more and more common for homebuyers, and particularly First Time Buyers, to receive a contribution from parents or other family members towards the deposit for their first home. Lenders do differ in their approach, some will only accept gifts from immediate family, whilst others may allow for the gift to come from friends and other members of your family. One thing that is important is that their is a clear understanding of where the funds have come from, and your mortgage adviser, the lender, and your solicitor have a collective responsibility to check the source of the funds. Some lenders may allow the deposit from a family member to come with a stipulation of repayment over a period of time, others want the gift must be just that, a gift with no intention to receive the funds back. It is clear, that it is becoming increasingly harder for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder, especially throughout the last 12 months where we’ve seen such a growth in property values with the average property value in the UK in September 2021 being just under £250,000 (Nationwide Building Society). to combat this and enable first-time buyers get a home of their own, there are various initiative to support with saving a deposit, to more affordable schemes. Such as the Lifetime ISA, and the help to buy scheme. There are new lenders coming to the market to look at alternative ways to lend and assess an applicant. Providing a more flexible approach to gifted deposits and treating the deposit as a gift, to the person providing the funds treating as an investment. One thing for sure with all of this is that speaking to a mortgage broker can support you answering any questions, through to an application as they have access to a wide range of lenders, and an understanding of the different lending criteria out their to find the right solution for you.