Mortgages over £500,000

Mortgages over £500,000

Obtaining the best buy mortgage rate, regardless of mortgage size is important at any time, but is critical when you’re looking at the £500,000+ market.

Many of our clients are seeking larger mortgages to enable them to move up the property ladder and buy their dream home. Many high street lenders set a ceiling on the size of advances they are prepared to offer and their rates can vary significantly.

Here at Prestige Mortgage Solutions, we can help you to secure a £500,000+ mortgage by working closely with the mortgage providers who have more generous affordability calculators where suitable, as well as assessing your financial situation and requirements so we can quickly find you the right option for your circumstances. You can be happy, safe in the knowledge that with Prestige Mortgage Solutions wealth of experience, your £500,000+ mortgage application will be in safe hands.

‘Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage’

How Can a Mortgage Advisor Help Me?

Mortgage services built for you. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll help.

We can find exclusive mortgage rates on your new home.

We act as the go-between with lenders, solicitors and estate agents.

All our mortgage advisors provide accurate advice on every aspect of moving home.

Mortgages over £1m+

Here at Prestige Mortgage Solutions, we understand that clients who are looking for larger mortgages over £1million often receive their incomes in more complex ways, such as through investments, trusts, bonuses and dividends – yet, through working closely with banks and building societies we can help to find you the best mortgage to suit your circumstances.

In recent years, banks and building societies have turned their attention to the large mortgage loan market and they can offer attractive interest rates as they look to further support the high-end housing sector.

Prestige Mortgage Solutions provides a fast, consistent and quality service to ensure that we always find the best mortgage to suit your circumstances.  We work around your needs so we can support you in your property journey.

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