Critical Illness Cover

What is critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover or CIC is an insurance designed to support people through difficult periods of terminal or critical illness, these policies are standardly used as a way for people to financially support themselves and their loved ones. If you make a claim on the policy, you get a payment which can be used in any way whether it be meeting everyday expenses or alleviating the pressure by paying off financial burdens like mortgages.

Critical illness cover keeps your finances secure should you end up unable to work due to long-term illness or an accident.

Similar to life insurance and often included in the rate as standard, critical illness cover keeps you and your loved ones financially secure if you find yourself unable to work. This cover can also include a payout for those who may end up permanently paralysed as a result of a workplace accident or sickness.

Our insurance advisors can help you find the right critical illness cover based on your circumstances. We’ll also look into whether you’d get more for your money if your critical illness is included with your life insurance cover.

How Can Our Insurance Advisors Help You?

We have years of experience in finding the right cover for you.

We’ll offer you a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs

Tailored advice based upon your circumstances and budget

Why Do I Need Critical Illness Cover?

Every 22 minutes, a child in the UK loses a parent they depend on financially.

*Source: childbereavementuk

In the UK, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.

*Source: CancerResearchUK

Here at Prestige mortgage solutions’ we offer advice to help Mums and Dads to find the right life insurance and critical illness cover for the whole family. It’s quick and easy and means your family is protected financially if anything should happen.

Is Critical Illness Cover Right for You?

If you’re the main household earner or if your income is required to keep you and your family secure, it’s a good idea to get some kind of financial protection in case of sickness.
If you think that you have a chance of illness in future, we recommended that you invest in specialist illness cover. While this may end up in higher rates, it guarantees financial stability should you become ill.
Critical illness cover is generally included in many life insurance policies, but it’s worth double checking to see what they actually cover. We’ll help you look at the options available to you, find you excellent policy rates, and give you concise advice on everything you need to know to keep yourself covered.