Family Income Benefit

What is family income benefit?

Family income benefit  is a type of insurance that will provide your family with set income for a period of time after you pass away. Designed to cover living costs money can be paid either monthly or annually whilst alleviating financial stresses during already difficult circumstances. Preparing for the worst eventuality is never the easiest thing to undertake. If you feel that  family income benefit is something which you would find beneficial, contact one of our professional advisors who will walk you through all of the policies and tailor it to you and your families needs.

Family Income Benefit offers high-value protection against serious injury and/or death, that’s a cold, hard fact. Ensuring loved ones continue to receive a regular income means efforts and emotions can focus elsewhere and upon more important, pressing issues. This policy works well alongside Life Insurance, ideal for paying off an existing mortgage.

Why Use Insurance Brokers from Prestige Mortgage Solutions?

We’re dedicated to finding the right solution for your needs.

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How Does Family Income Benefit Work?

Unlike a life insurance policy, Family Income Benefit pays out an ongoing sum of money to you and/or your family or childrens nominated guardian. This recurring payment can be used however you see fit, usually covering essential living expenses such as bills and food.

Your wishes on how this policy is used can also be laid out in your Will and placed in trust for your children. Here at Prestige Mortgage Solutions we believe in the full package and we can offer you a referal to our sister company (Prestige Wills and Trusts) to complete your Will