Income Protection Insurance

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance is a policy that is designed to support you during periods of unemployment, rehabilitation or sickness. Claimants can receive a monthly payment of up to 60% of their monthly salary. It provides great peace of mind and certainty that you’ll continue to receive a regular income to pay for living expenses. For more information about income protection, please contact one of our advisors. They can talk you through the level of coverage required for your circumstance. You can decide how long the insurer will pay out for, for example until you retire or for a certain number of years. The longer the cover period the more the monthly premiums you’ll pay.

Income protection insurance keeps your finances secure if you cannot work. Find out how our advisors can help you.

Income protection insurance helps you stay safe if you cannot work due to a long period of sickness. This insurance provides you with a significant percentage of your yearly earnings, helping you stay clear of any debt, mortgage, or other financial issues. This option is highly recommended if you’re the sole earner in a household.

Our advisors are here to help you find the right policy and rates for your situation. We’ll advise on the right solutions for you, to help keep your finances safe going forward.

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Do I Need Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance covers the loss of work due to illness that has resulted in a significant loss of earnings. This insurance will cover you from 12 months to retirement depending on your plan set up while you recover. 

This is usually the solution to consider if you’re responsible for all or most of the household income. Our advisors will make sure you get the right advice for your circumstances.