Mortgage Capacity Assessment

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Written by a fully qualified, regulated Adviser

The mortgage capacity assessment report is a detailed investigation into the level of mortgage a person is likely to be successful in obtaining. It will compare the level of maximum borrowing with the amount of mortgage the individual can actually afford to maintain. Each mortgage capacity assessment and report differs based on the client’s individual circumstance.

Why do I need a Mortgage Capacity Assessment?

The Capacity Report is most commonly used during divorce or separations. In alot of cases, this is requested by the courts to do decide on financial splits of existing assets. Generally a solicitor requests this on behalf of their client.

This report will not only give you an element of peace of mind and allow you to plan your future post-separation but will be able to detail different outcomes based on varying financial splits.

Who completes the Mortgage Capacity Report and Research?

The Mortgage Capacity Report needs to be deemed as credible. At Prestige Mortgage Solutions Ltd we are an experienced mortgage brokerage with the correct qualifications in place. Get in touch with a member of our dedicated team who will be able to talk to you in confidence and provide the advice and documentation you need.

This will ensure that your mortgage capacity assessment is deemed acceptable by solicitors and the courts.



  • Decide which report is required(Single/Joint/No Mortgage) if you are unsure, give us a call to discuss.
  • Once ready, you can decide which way suits you best to move forward.

2 –

  • Complete the paperwork. This can either be sent across to you via email, complete our online form or speak with one of our advisers over the telephone.

3 –

  • Wait 3-5 working days- You will receive your draft report.
  • If you require an urgent report please speak to us directly to check availability. 


  • Once payment has been made you will receive your final report the same day. 

Mortgage Capacity Assessment Options

Single Mortgage Capacity Assessment 

Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment

No Mortgage Capacity Assessment

Additional Scenarios

Contact us for your Mortgage Capacity Report & find out your mortgage borrowing!

If you would like advice from a fully regulated, qualified mortgage advisor that can talk to you about your situation and give you your options around Mortgage Capacity assessment Reports, please get in touch on 0330 135 8047 or book an appointment here

If you require an express service to find your maximum borrowing, contact us during our standard office hours and we will get this issued in a timely manner.

Please be aware that rates and maximum affordability figures are subject to change by lenders. Unless requested we will not formally apply to any lenders, as such any information provided is subject to full credit checks, documentation and lender criteria and eligibility. A MCR in no way should be treated as a ‘Mortgage Promise’.


Mortgage Capacity Reports are not part of the PRIMIS Mortgage Network offering and are offered in our own right. PRIMIS Mortgage Network accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Mortgage Capacity Reports are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.