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Written by a fully qualified, regulated Adviser

  • Standard Mortgage Capacity Assessment

    a standard mortgage capacity report that will confirm the amount you are likely to be able to borrow.

  • Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment

    a joint mortgage capacity report that will confirm the amount you can both borrow separately.

  • No Mortgage Capacity Assessment

    This is a report for individuals whose circumstances dictate that they are not in a position to obtain mortgage lending. 

  • Additional Scenarios

    This is where the report requires detail exploring how changes in circumstances may affect mortgage borrowing.

There are a number of different options available

Single Mortgage Capacity Assessment

This report details of capacity to mortgage for 1 party, which will include:

  • Details of the maximum mortgage borrowing from a range of mortgage lenders currently present in the mortgage market.
  • Example mortgage illustrations with an estimate of costs related to the maximum mortgage borrowing.
  • Confirmation of whether the maximum borrowing amount is affordable based on disposable income calculated from income and outgoings.
  • The report will be based on current financial circumstances and can detail how changes in financial circumstances might affect capacity to mortgage.




  • All information provided will be based on current lending criteria and our experience as mortgage Advisers and Financial Resilience Specialists.
  • The report will contain details of all information used to complete the assessment, including income, outgoings and any other important information provided/requested.

Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment

  • Based on our standard report but for both parties within the divorce or separation
  • In addition to the information included in a Single Mortgage Capacity Assessment, the joint report can be used for 2 more parties.


‘No’ Mortgage Capacity Assessment

For individuals whose circumstances undoubtably mean they are in no position to secure mortgage lending.

Those who consider themselves to fall under one of the following may find that they are in no position to obtain mortgage lending (subject to lender criteria)

  • No Earnings
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Debt Management Plan (DMP) or Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Age
  • Lending into retirement



This report will include:

  • Confirmation the individual has £0.00 capacity to mortgage.
  • Details of lending criteria confirming why the individual has no ability to obtain mortgage lending.

Please note no additional scenarios can not be added to a No mortgage Capacity Assessment

Additional Scenarios

Additional scenarios can be added to our Single or Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment.

Additional Scenarios can be used to explore any change in financial circumstance, this may include but is not restricted to:

  • Various deposit/loan amounts.
  • Increase or decrease in income.
  • Increase or decrease in debt.
  • Retaining property.
  • Various maintenance amounts.

£0.00 – £50.00

We do not charge an additional fee for reports to include up to 2 scenarios.

For any reports requiring 3 scenarios or more our fees may vary to take into consideration the additional work involved in such a detailed report depending on the circumstances to be considered. Should you require 3 or more, please contact us to discuss in more detail.



  • Decide which report is required(Single/Joint/No Mortgage) or Gives us a call to discuss, when your ready you can decide which way suits you to move forward.

2 –

  • Fill in the paperwork. This can either be sent across to you via email, complete our online form or speak with one of our advisers over the telephone.

3 –

  • Wait 5-7 working days- You will receive your draft report.
  • If you require an urgent report please speak to us directly to arrange availability. 


  • Once payment has been made you will receive your final report the same day. 

Single Mortgage Capacity Assessment £345.00

Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment £545.00

No Mortgage Capacity Assessment £175.00

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Please be aware that rates and maximum affordability figures are subject to change by lenders. Unless requested we will not formally apply to any lenders, as such any information provided is subject to full credit checks, documentation and lender criteria and eligibility. A MCR in no way should be treated as a ‘Mortgage Promise’.


Mortgage Capacity Reports are not part of the PRIMIS Mortgage Network offering and are offered in our own right. PRIMIS Mortgage Network accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Mortgage Capacity Reports are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.